Can't sleep... any suggestions?

Fellow anxiety sufferers, I am having trouble with sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep, usually I'll lie in bed for at least an hour before I finally get so exhausted I literally lose consciousness from how tired I am (I have adrenal fatigue) but now something new has started to happen for the past couple of days - I wake up every single night after around 4-5 hours of dream riddled sleep, completely confused and disoriented about what time it is, and usually pretty dizzy. I get up to go to the toilet and then I either have a really hard time falling back asleep and keep waking up at least once every hour until I finally decide to get up, tired, or (like today) I can't even fall back asleep, no matter how exhausted I am. I have no idea how to fix this as I have no idea why it even started in the first place - I always had issues with falling asleep, I tried sleep medication, herbal stuff etc but nothing ever helped, and I NEVER had any trouble in my whole life with continuously waking up during sleep. Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions?😞


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  • Maybe you should try listening to meditation music to relax you then hopefully you can sleep.

  • I always listen to stand up comedies on low volume. Because then I'm left the option to be with my own thought, but when it becomes to much, or too negative, or too panic provoking, I can just zone out of my mind and listen to the comedian and concentrate on what he said, and why it is suppose to be funny. Having this option to choose between "mostly thinking" and "mostly listening" makes me feel like I have a choice, and choices make me feel safe and in control. It helps a lot.

  • I listened to Tai-chi..Sunrise album..while lying in bed with headphones, soon never heard end of first

  • I have recommended some people to listen to Audiobooks like Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter books and so far it has worked.

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