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Stay positive

I wrote this post with the thoughts of everyone going through anxiety, depression, panic attacks.. a week ago today I couldn't get up from my bed..I couldn't stop crying. .I couldn't stop my bad thoughts. I couldn't explain to my kids what's wrong with mommy..I couldn't stop anxiety.. the only thing helped me though out the horrible experience was prayers. Staying positive . And reminding myself that , this is not the end.. I allowed my thoughts to come and go.. I prayed and cried at a temple . (I'm not even Hindu) but I found myself peaceful in there.. pls don't underestimate the power of positivity and prayers. . Stay strong ..

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You are so right and thank you for that ray of sunshine that I'm sure many like me needed in this doom of darkness we are experiencing. I can say I have leaned on prayer prayers and more prayers through thus tough walk of anxiety stress and mild depression. And yes while I'm still in this roller coaster ride of crying and racing th


*thoughts and fears and hopeless moments I will never forget ever to drop to my knees to talk to God.

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