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Sertraline and sleep

Hi everyone,

I've been taking sertraline for anxiety and mild depression for approx 4 weeks. Initially it seemed to help with sleeping and if anything sleeping too much may have been a thing as I just felt tired all the time and didn't want to get out of bed. This improved, but for the last 4/5 nights I've woken up, although I feel tired I just cannot sleep and I'm just lay here for hours until I nod off.

I'm not a late sleeper usually so this is impacting on this due to being awake in the night. I've been off work, so it's not too bad but I'm due back in work this Thursday so if this continues it'll be difficult as I'll be so tired. I just wondered if it could be the sertraline? Or just anxiety about work I don't know.

This forum has been great for me as this is the first time I've ever had anxiety that has made a huge impact. It's nice to hear people's positive thoughts and to know that I'm not a fraud or being dramatic.



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Hi Kitkaz, sertraline can cause insomnia, and cause strange dreams. Not sure what time of day you take it but try first thing on a morning!! 👍


Thanks ange. I have been taking it at night as I was worried in case of any side effects. And if they would impact on driving. Will I be ok changing the time I take it? X


I used to take mine on a morning and I felt OK to drive to work, it's also recommended you don't have grapefruit juice while on sertraline as it increases the level of the medication in your body. See how you feel but it never affected my driving x👍😀


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