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Anxiety and birth control

So I got an iud inserted in December of 2015 and now we're in August of 2016. The past few months have just been getting worse and worse in terms of anxiety and depression. I've never been this depressed or anxious for this long in my life and I'm wondering if maybe the hormones in this birth control could be aiding in causing these terrible feelings? Birth controls have never really reacted well with my body in the past, but have never really done this. But maybe now after the stresses I've been going through, it's reacting more severe or maybe this kind is just affecting my body worse? I've been looking it up online and many people have said they had this issue. Has anyone on here had experience with that? Or know anything about that? Xx

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As a GP it was not an uncommon query raised about hormone containing IUDs , but it's impossible to know unless you decide to have the IUD removed and then see what happens. However, pointers that this maybe a factor are if you haven't had any other stressful events, no previous history of depression/ anxiety, but previously problems of similar on other hormone contraception. You then will need to decide what you are willing to use for contraception.

Alternatively you can go down the route of depression management with talking treatments and tablets.


Ive already made an appt to get it out next week. And I'm also going. To try some medicine. I'm just nervous that I'm never going to feel better.


I am on deposhot my mom thinks it has something to do w my anxiety but no sure can it


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