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Nausea ruining my life

For the past few years i've dealt with come-and-go nausea due to either Anxiety or some other stomach issue I don't know about. I was still able to live completely normally, only having to leave an event or a place once in a while because I felt so nauseous. It would commonly happen at night and although it was terrible, it rarely stopped me from doing what I want. Now im 18 and I just graduated high school last May. Probably around April it started becoming more frequent, causing me to leave places and almost miss my graduation. I am also emetophobic and absolutely petrified of throwing up so even the slightest bit of nausea could make me freak out making me feel even worse. Over the summer the nausea kept becoming more severe and more frequent. I de-enrolled myself from the university I was going to attend because I feel sick all day everyday and would not be able to sit in a class let alone drive 30 minutes away from my house. Now I can barely leave my house, hang out with friends, or have a conversation with my parents. The only times I feel decent are right when I wake up or after driving around my town for a while. Every food I eat makes me feel terrible and I always convince myself that it went bad or was poisoned. I'm looking into online therapy right now but I really don't think it is going to do anything. It's so hard to watch all my friends at college because I would give anything to feel good enough to live their life. I'm getting to the point where i'm uncomfortable all the time and I don't see a point to keep trying anymore. I guess the reason i'm writing this is because whenever I look at posts like this one I can never relate. I also have the more common symptoms of anxiety but honestly, I would rather have those symptoms be 10X worse in exchange for this feeling. Can anyone relate or am I just going crazy???

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Let me tell you you are not alone. I think I can relate to what you feel. I've felt with it my whole life and it hit me hard during the summer of sophomore year. I ended up missing school and I felt alone because I couldn't tell anyone not even my family about what I was feeling. I ended up finding help and was given medication and I was to take therapy. I never took the meds, just looking at the side effects and all I couldn't bring myself to take them. But what I think helped was that if it got really bad I would have the medication there if I really needed it. Fast forward to now, I graduated high school in June, and during the summer I had small episodes of anxiety getting nauseous and light headed and other symptoms, but they where really light lasting acoue min and I'd forget about it. But now that college has started it has become worse, feeling sick to my stomach and getting supper nervous fearing that I'll get sick, and my college is close to home and it's unbelievable how bad I feel. I always carry a pack of mint gum to chew on when I feel the anxiety and carry something cool to drink. O sometimes don't even hang out with friends just because I have a fear of the anxiety.Try taking small steps in going out, and maybe try seeing a doctor, it's not bad to try, I understand. Today was bad I had to leave work early to get home so I could feel "safe".


Sorry im replying so late to this! Although it's not good we have to deal with this, it's good to hear that i'm not the only one. It's so awesome you are going to college!! I always carry anti-nausea wristbands and peppermint essential oils with me so maybe add those to your bag. Days might be hard right now but there is always a new day around the corner! best of luck to you


Go and see a Dr and talk to him/her about using Maxalon. Make sure you get a physical, bloods etc to rule out other possible problems first.


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