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Will my energy come back

Will I ever be able to regain my energy and not be so fatigue all the time? What can I do to help with that, besides the fact I know I have to catch back up on sleep I haven't gotten in a month. I'm so sleep deprived. It has changed my routine of sleep. I can't even stay to sleep. I wake up too much through the night with racing thoughts. But I can see a difference in my energy and strength has gone down..

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If you are not sleeping your energy levels will be low. Do you know why you don't sleep. Are you anxious, have racing thoughts


Yes both nervous afraid to sleep and racing thoughts about having panic attacks. Also afraid to sleep because I keep thinking I won't wake up because of how the physical syptoms keep me worried. Plus stressed. My mind in general is so foggy and no peace at all. So I've been suffering a bit of insomnia the past month


I am sleeping for 10 hours a night and still my energy levels are low.. it's just the anxiety, you can get as much sleep as you want and still feel low


Just to think anxiety or stress can drain you.

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