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Scared all the time

I have an anxiety for years and most of the time have dealt with it fine but lately it feels like it's taking over my life. I am constantly tired and paranoid that there is something seriously wrong with me. I get chest pains, feels like my fingers won't work and I constantly have to move them to make sure they are ok. I get dizzy sitting still and feel like i aM going to fall over even when I'm sitting down. I am forever on google looking up brain tumours heart attacks eye disorders. I drink to much alcohol but feel when I do I forget about all my worry.

Does anyone else feel like this all the time?

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Yes it has done the same to me. I am constantly racing in my mind thinking the worse. I have gotten so weak and fatigue this past week I don't know if it's from the fact that I'm not getting any sleep and my appetite had gotten poor or if it's just all anxiety or both bUT it's a scary feeling. I keep having sensation in my head as if my brain is releasing something and that scares me even more. I think of the worse. Just this morning while waking up out of my sleep again, can't even sleep consistently it's always I wake up every hour, but just thus morning another bad thought just came to me that what if I'm not getting any oxygen or blood flow to my brain. Is this why I keep feeling like I'm out of breath, is this why I get these rushes that come over me. And bam soon as I was thinking it, there goes my sleep. I get none. Smh. This is so frustrating. It all consumes my every thought all day. And it seems like a cycle like one day I do alright then as soon as I get a symptom I start all over again and the part I worry about is that I don't cope with a drink or anything and I'm trying to beat this without taking any meds that the doc has prescribed me


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