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Okay.. now what

So.. these anxiety attacks have been somewhat new to me. And I was attributing them to my son being gone (he was in Europe for 17 days with his dad. came home tonight).

I feel extreme relief... and I was ecstatic all day knowing he was coming home.

Now, I don't know if it was just a flood of emotions .. BUT.. when they pulled up and his dad was taking some of his stuff out of a suitcase.. I got a whiff of laundry detergent on the clothes in teh suitcase. It was a nice smell , but overwhelming.. and suddenly I felt .. well weird.. I felt almost lightheaded.. like when you blow on our food.. my head was "tingly" like.. and then I felt really really hot.. It hink I was having an anxiety attack..

But WHY! my son was now home.. and why did the strong smell of the detergent set that off.

Is it my emotions all helter skelter?

And.. here's the other thing.. you know when you feel that empty and sad feeling - that feeling that happens when company leaves or when your vacation comes to an end.. I'm feeling that FOR MY SON.. and those thoughts of that make me anxious. Like thinking just 12 hours ago he was on the vacation of a lifetime on the other side of the world.. like how I would feel if it were my trip.

Things coming to an end.. shows coming to an end.. make me feel that way. It's hard to explain.. Can anyone on here relate?

If this doesn't subside now that a big stressor is gone (son being away) I am probably going to have to see someone - because the cause of my anxiety - subconcously should be past me ... if not,t hen this means that I have developed some sort of condition. .. no?

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Oh I can 100% relate the same feelings ~when things come to an end makes me so sad ~mostly to do with my youngest son ~when he finished comp then 6th form ~he did a placement year working and finally university this summer ~he has always done well ~but I worry so much about him to the point of obsession ~but keep it well hidden from him ~I have an older son who I worry about too ~but not to the point as my youngest ~Anyway I hope your son had a wonderful holiday ~I worried the whole time my youngest was away in the US ~but he had a fantastic time

Take care



The condition is health anxiety and over thinking things. But not easy to get out of. Look for joy rather than problems


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