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Will this get better

I'm wondering can anxiety grow or get worse as time permits? Because last year when I had my very first panic attack o was still coping and dealing with it better. I wasn't feeling this bad or down or these syptoms didn't last this long. But now that my anxiety has come back this past two months it's been the worst. It's like the anxious and nervous will come over me for no reason and stay and it takes away my appetite. Some days I feel ok and like the next day I'm back to feeling down or anxiety

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Hi Icanbeathis2016, the anxiety will not grow or get worse over time. Once it plays itself out, you will pretty much know the symptoms to watch for. What can grow is the anticipatory anxiety that goes along with it. In other words, the symptoms may not be worse but your anxious and nervous thoughts will perceive it as the worse ever. Now is the time to start using other techniques to relax yourself. Therapy, relaxation, deep breathing, imagery....anything that will take your mind off your feelings and break that cycle. It will get better. xx


Thanks so much. What is happening is it seem like one day is better and the next day I'm going through it like I'm starting all over again. And I'm trying to beat this without taking meds. And it just feels like when I get these syptoms does this mean that my anxiety is not gonna get better. Will I have to result to the meds? I feel so detached from reality.

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I totally understand your concerns and fears. There's something called

"free floating anxiety" which I was once in. The anxiety would come and go

almost like taking a step forward and then sliding back. At the beginning, I

was on medication while I then pursued talking therapy and CBT. It helped being

on meds for a while to reduce the stress level so I could concentrate on moving forward. Even though our goals are the same to get rid of anxiety once and for all, our way of getting there is different. I know how difficult it becomes to not quite know which way to go. But not doing anything makes you stuck and you will get no where. Maybe your doctor can recommend what may be best for you according to your health history. I hope you get started on something soon. I wish you well. xx We are here to support you

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It won't and can't get any worse you've had all the rotten symptoms You must be feeling very down that it has come back

Don't fight the feelings just let them wash over you in the knowledge they can't hurt you Once you lose your fear they will go

Lots of relaxation You Tube has loads of videos

Take good care it will go if you let go xx


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