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Anxiety over my girlfriend

Hi guy's, this question is for the men in here, pretty much.. I was wondering if anyone ever gets anxiety over their girlfriend?? I've been with my girl for almost ten years now, we've had our ups and downs, believe me... Here lately I've been having anxiety over her, for some reason I keep having these impending feelings of doom, like she's cheating on me with another guy, or she's going to leave me soon... I love her so much, I want her to be my wife... Is it normal to eventually get anxiety about these things?? I mean, we've been together for over 10 years..she keeps telling me that every thing is ok, and she's not going anywhere... But I still can't stop having these terrible thoughts over her, it's giving me anxiety attacks, thinking about it... I just want them to stop

Can anyone relate, or please give me some advice on how to control this??

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Hello and yes i totally understand you. You can become really stressed and anxious when you are just think about what she is doing and if shes cheating or doing something else. Always when i used to date different girls i always wondered what they were doing when i was at work or school and i would become anxious and nervous when they wouldnt txt back and i was always afraid of another guy taken them away from me and honestly you can become ill because you start feeling depressed and sad because you believe she will cheat on you and leave but trust me if you learn to trust her and she trusts you and both put the work into the relationship you wont have that type of thinking thats what i changed with who now is my wife. At the beggining i was always anxious and deppresed because when i wouldnt see her i would always imagine her with someone else or doing something or talking to a guy and i couldnt concentrate in school or work. But after 3 years together i just learned to trust her because i love her and shes loves me. If it s ment to be she will stay with you and be faitful but if you doubt her love trust me it will never work for a long time. Learn to trust her and trust me life will be much better for u and her. If she loves you she will never cheat on you. That pretty much all i can say but yes gfs can make you anxious


Thanks brother... I just don't ever want to lose her to someone...


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