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interview anxiety 😓


I'm finding everything really hard at the moment. I hate talking to people I don't know anyway and I'm having interviews and Im not coming across very well in them because of my anxiety and I feel as though this is putting potential employers off 😫 and I just don't know what to do about it! when I'm sat at home with my boyfriend I think 'right I'm gonna say this and I'm gonna be really upbeat etc etc' then when I get there i cant do it...does anyone have any tips??

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Hi 2sara

Quite a few years ago when my anxiety was more prevelent than my depression and I was going for jobs for my placement year I saw a gp and got a very small supply of Valium.

This is not a long term solution to your anxiety by any stretch, but for me it allowed me to be calm enough to get a job that I found out later had 100 applicants.

For a ONE off to get you over a hurdle as big as a job interview, personally I think is okay but your GP will be able to discuss it with you.

Please don't think that I am pushing medication, it worked for me and I have had interviews prior to that where I have been I a better place and not taken anything. Only you know how you are feeling.

Whatever way you try and tackle this I wish you the best of luck with all your futures interviews and hope that you find a job that you enjoy.


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