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Sorry if I ramble!

This is my first time on a forum but I will try and keep to the point. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for 4 years now after a personal trauma. I refused help to start with and found my answer at the bottom of a bottle. I did go finally and get help after the reality of losing my family kicked in. I got prescribed mertazapine last year but I put so much weight on that was something else to worry about so I came of them, stopped drinking and felt great. Until Xmas and I stupidly hit the bottle with epic proportions. Well I went back to the docs and was prescribed sertraline, stopped drinking for 5 months then in my wisdom stopped taking them again. Well I've been back on the sertraline for about 6 weeks and stopped drinking again but this weekend I had massive massive anxiety issues, and we'll you know what's coming I decided the bottle was the only answer, ive stopped again now but the massive anxiety is there, I haven't left my room well only to go the toilet and haven't been eating, I have weak legs and tingling hands, insomnia and I know I have caused this myself in part due to drinking but I also know it isnt just that. Do you think the massive anxiety I'm experiencing could be due to the doc doubling my tablets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm so sorry you feel that bad and that all of this has happened to you :( I spent a year of my life drinking away my anxiety as well, but in the end, no, it didn't disappear, it only became worse. This massive anxiety you are currently experiencing could be, in my opinion, due to the fact you've been repressing something, either with the drinking or maybe both the meds and the drinking, but that's just my idea, maybe something for you to think about? I hope you figure this out and I wish you the best of luck x keep us posted


Thanks for your time. I know in a few days I will be getting back to my usual self. I have anxiety all the time, I can usually use a coping method to get through it but my meds changing knocked me for 6 and obviously mixed with alcohol just makes the anxiety worse. It's the panic attacks today, thinking I'm not gonna wake up again and the total devastation about letting my family down again.

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I understand how you feel completely, I think most of us have experienced those things to some degree. I always worry about letting my family down, they don't deserve the sh*t I put them through sometimes. But then again, they ARE our family, if they're not gonna understand and help, who will?


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