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Working through the fog

After months of feeling panic after panic I've finally found a way to cope. I was embarrassed by my last attack while at the hospital, and then having to face my chief post attack. No privacy in the navy apparently, but i guess its understandable... well at least he was supportive, but work was not so easy to get through. I'll still get some head fog and feel like I'm not quite myself. For the most part I've learned what to expect from anxiety it's strange sensations, my own self defeating thoughts and fears that would lead to it. Also seeing that I'm not alone has helped me realize that I'm not some isolated case. I think I have finally found some peace through this, and I know so will the rest of you. Fighting through this is definitely a challenge, and I think having the support is a big one. Although I pushed myself to stop calling my family every tome I felt my heart rate go up. Now I've learned to calm it since these feelings became so familiar. All I can say is there is hope.

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I'm so sorry that you have experienced one of the most horrible mental illness. Pls don't be embarrassed. Embrace it and try to stay positive and focused. Most importantly get help. I left mine and panics kept coming back and I didn't pay attention to them till I had constant anxiety. Pls talk to someone. Even if there is nothing to talk about . About your stress. And everything that bothers you.. don't leave it like I did.. good luck and stay positive 🙇🙇


Yes, that's exactly what happened to me, too. I thought not thinking about it and focusing my mind on my work and blatantly ignoring it, it would pass. But no, it did not. What's worse, it only became nastier and now it's here 24/7. I feel so alone and miserable. No one should feel the way I do, and if they do, I am so sorry for them. I can't even leave my own house anymore.

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Yes when I saw this forum and post site I feel like in not alone. I gives me a little ease. And thank you for saying there is hope but I often wonder will I ever feel normal again


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