I HATE THIS!!!! :'(

Went to bed at 11:30pm....been tossing and turning ever since and now it's 2:40am. My thoughts won't stop and I keep feeling sick. Why am I like this???!!!

I'll be trying to fall asleep and every worry on the planet...even idiotic ones...bombard my mind! I even worry about how many hours I'm actually going to be able to sleep. Because, I know once that light starts to shine through the windows I'm done for...I'm awake...I can no longer sleep no matter how tired I am. Then I start to feel sick...and I began to think that I'm about to die.

I'm lying here with horrible racing thoughts, nausea, derealization, a headache, and just not feeling well. I hate it!

And we're in the middle of moving....have a lot of packing and moving to do tomorrow, so, I NEED SLEEP TONIGHT.

I suffer from insomnia regularly, but, I didn't need it to get worse at a time like this...when I NEED my red and my sleep so badly.

I hate this...so much.


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4 Replies

  • My sleeping pattern is terrible and I think the harder you try to sleep the worse it is. I only sleep when I have amitriptyline. If it persists it may be worth talking to your GP

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm just frustrated and I seem to never feel rested. Been dealing with this insomnia for about 5 years straight now. I get an average of about 4 hours of sleep a night...get about 6-7 hours usually one night a month...if that. I'm petrified of taking meds of any kind so it's like an annoying cycle.

  • My average is about 4 hours a night. I am tired but can't switch off. I also work which is a struggle

  • Its bound to be worse if you were worrying about packing and moving. Tablets may help, but managing your anxiety and sleep hygiene is the best way forward

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