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Gutted 😩

I had a much better afternoon yesterday felt quite well and free from any physical symptoms and for the first time in ages I felt positive but then out of nowhere today I started feeling really unwell again, lightheaded, shaky, weak and so ill. I'm gutted it has bought back all of the anxiety it's so awful. I don't know if my symptoms are really something physically wrong or just the anxiety. It's all so scary and I've had enough now. Sorry to rant but I'm so down and fed up and just don't know how to deal with all this.

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Hi Onlyfools84, Anxiety doesn't like to lose, so when we have a good day, it doesn't take it lightly and will usually come back full force. For whatever reason yesterday afternoon keep you feeling quite well, our anxiety tendencies are still deep inside us. It could take anything from a thought, something someone said or even any movement and we are back fighting feeling scared and disgusted that it won't leave us alone. I'm always using relaxation and deep breathing even on my good days almost like using it as a deposit so I'm well prepared for the next stressor that may come up. With anxiety, being prepared makes us not loose control to the point that we can stop a panic from happening or at least reverse the intensity. I hope the rest of the day calms down for you. Come back on the forum for support as much as you need. We are all in the same boat.... x

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I get exactly the same symptoms does it sort of feel like a sugar drop? It's so annoying when you feel good and it comes back so discouraging. But just remember that you did feel good and it will happen again that will put you I. A positive mind frame. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thsnks for your responses. Hi Aazz yes that's exactly what it feels like I've even bought a blood sugar testing kit and checked but my levels seem within normal range but I get all of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia. I've spoken to my doctor about it but they don't seem bothered and told me to adjust my diet. It really awful isn't it? Wishing you better and I hope we can get through this and be even stronger


You can't have a setback unless you are getting better Don't get too down you will have rubbish days then fantastic days The good days will soon be more than the bad You sound as if you have classic anxiety symptoms Have you been checked out ?

Look on You Tube there are so many videoes on there to help you with anxiety

You aren't alone and you will get better

Take lots of care 👍🏻☺️


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