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Anxiety Problems of Anxiety

What I hate about anxiety is that it mimics tons of disease symptoms thus fueling the worry in us. And what's more difficult with anxiety is that you have a salad of symptoms that the doctor becomes puzzled.

Like right now, I feel dizziness and headache. It's hard not to focus on the symptoms because our body is being affected.

Anxiety has 100+ symptoms and it varies from person to person. But one thing is in common: an anxious person experience more than two symptoms. Ugh! Anxiety is the worst weapon formed. But since I am a Christian, I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

This is just a rant because I feel physical synprtms again and it sucks!

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I understand you and agree with you completely!!!

I also get so terribly annoyed with the fact that most internet sources explain a panic attack like a wave of nausea and general feeling of unwellness, completely excluding other possible symptoms. For example, I do not get the nausea AT ALL, EVER, while experiencing a panic attack, I get incredible vertigo and lightheadedness - I barely found any information about that, which is why for WEEKS before finding out what was happening to me I thought I was going to die lol.

Also my doctor never ever thought my symptoms could be psychological, she only thought it might be thyroid problems. I get so incredibly annoyed, with this stupid disease that I have, with the internet, with doctors, basically everything and everyone!!

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Well I feel like anxiety and panic attacks have different effects. Like for me, when I think my anxiety has arrived, I get this overwhelming nervous feeling that's sits in my chest and sometimes it'll be in my stomach area like butterflies. Then I'll also have like a tightness in my neck area and sometimes the back of my nape or head area gets a mild ache or gets a warm sensation. Now when I get a panic attack, my heart starts pounding fast, I get dry mouth, feel like I'm about to faint, get shakes after I try and calm down, feeling that I need to breath more because I lost my breathe, sometimes tingly sensations in different areas at different times. And all I know is its hard to sleep after having a panic attack


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