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Generalised Anxiety - Does it get better?

Whenever I have an anxiety episode, I wonder if it will ever go away. I have always approached my anxiety as being caused for something external, but during my last episode I kinda realised I actually had anxiety since very very young.

I have always been able to keep a job and relatively easy and healthy relationships. But now it is the first time I am approaching my anxiety as Generalised Anxiety. Accepting that it is something that has always been there, bringing negativity, doubt and - sometimes - crippling thoughts and feelings.

I have always resisted using medication because of the side-effects, withdraws. Also, because I don't think I need it, since I made it till now without them ( I am 35).

I am starting CBT again, different professional... different approach. My question is, does it ever get better? Will I one day not need CBT and leave happy and content with with life....

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Hi curlyguy, Good news in that it will get better just knowing what your triggers are as well as learning how to control episodes from getting out of control. CBT works for many in getting them to move forward and not stay in that stuck position. You won't always need CBT, once you learn the techniques, you actually have to do the rest on your own. As for medication, if necessary, it can be used for a short term while going through CBT so that you are more clear minded. I wish you well with the CBT, as long as you remember it is just a guide to what needs to be done by us. Be determined that you will live a happy and content life one day. Once you have the tools, it's all up to you. :)


Simple answer is YES it does get better if you give it time and are kind to yourself I've not had CBT but I have heard it has great results

You will soon see anxiety as just a flipping nuisance not the big ogre that is spoiling life

I was so ill and wished so many times I didn't have to go on it crippled me

I found exercise and relaxation really helped but I think what helped me the most was finding out as much as I could about it and realising all those years I'd been terrified of something that wasn't going to do me any harm at all It was me telling myself it would that started the feelings off

I'm wishing you all the very very best and you will get there I can give you a money back guarantee on that

If you have a set back thats good as you can't have one if you haven't started getting better Take care


Great way of looking at it! I often think to myself "ive made zero progress. right back to square one!" Of course I took no notice of the fact I must have move a few square forwards to get back to square one!

Will add this to my affirmation list ;)

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I'm so glad you find this useful and that you keep moving those squares forward 😄

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