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What's wrong with me?

This happen to me a fews months ago,at that time I had a lots to worry but never fear real, it start with out of the sudden I felt tingling over my body, super dizzy like I'm gonna faint and I know I'm gonna faint! Dry mouth and blur vision, So I ran to the nearest reteuraunt and sat there just for the hope of "if I fall someone will help me", it was the worst 20mins of my life times, I felt like I'm gonna die! At the time I was cling my boyfriend on the phone just to keep me comany and when I think I feel a little bit better I then get on the bus and get myself home!

Since that day, my life is ruined, it's not happen everyday but it's does killing me! I'm worried that I'm gonna faint or passed out and no body will help me and then my family will never know if I die! Sometimes it's happen when I have a shower(shower is usually my relaxing and joyful moment for me), or when I travel to work, or at work , queueing in the shop etc..

So I took this matter seriously and go to my GP he's check my blood and all was fine but my hear rate are fast at first then calm down afterall, so the GP said I probably nervous or stress but nothing to worried, and he said that I also don't have high blood pressure( I was worried about that a lot), and just to be even more sure I then went to check my eyes and it's turn out that's I use alots of mussel around my eyes because I need the glasses ! So I been prescribed a glasses.

So those nasy symtom then suddenly gone and I also felt relief because nothing is wrong with me actually! But unfortunately after a month it's happening again but not as bad as first, like today, after a month of relax and enjoy ,out of the sudden it's strigh me with tingling round my kneck and dizzy near faint so all I did is call my boyfriend and keep talking until I'm arrive home.

I want all this symtom to go away from my life, I never have them before, I try to think and found out how and what the trigger so I can stop it at the right place but It seem so difficult, funny things is "its my own body and it's my own brain" how come it's happening without me knowing.. Help please

Soon I will be travelling to my home town which took around 12 hours flight and I don't want this nasty stuff to stop me from travelling to see my family..

Thanks for all your kindness

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