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What's wrong with me!?


I think I have more wrong with me than I let on or thought. I keep finding new symptoms and I just push it all away because I don't feel like I'm aloud to have problems. I feel guilty when something isnt going right and I feel invalid and wrong. I feel misunderstood. I think I now have social anxiety along with general anxiety.. I'm also depressed. And I think I have ptsd. I want to feel normal and happy. Ugh.

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Have you seen a psychiatrist? You have anxiety and depression that need treating. They won't just go away, you have to see a Dr. and get on some meds and get good counseling. I recommend a good psychiatrist because these problems can be tricky to treat for an internist or generalist. They just don't have the knowledge that a psych Dr. has.

You have the right to be healthy and feel normal again. You have an obligation to yourself and any family to get treated and feel normal again. You will only get worse if you do nothing. Counseling should help you not to feel guilty and as medicine helps you start to feel yourself again you will probably not feel invalid or wrong any more. Social anxiety is a normal part of general anxiety and can be overcome with counseling and doing what you are counseled to do to reduce it. You can also explore whether you have PTSD in counseling and mention it to the Dr.

It's time to get moving and start to feel better! Take care and let me know how you're doing.

I think SueSz has given you excellent advice. The only thing I would add is that if you feel misunderstood, and so many of us suffering the symptoms you've described do, then please keep using this forum. Going on my own experience of using this forum I'm certain you will find helpful advice, a great deal of encouragement and I'm sure you will feel understood.

Everyone on this forum is fighting a similar battle to the one you are facing. Some of us are at different stages of what can be called recovery. There is genuine empathy here and therefore understanding.

This forum can become one of the tools in the toolkit you will need to set about getting your life into a manageable state and working for you again.

You are certainly not invalid. You are a valuable human being who happens to be ill at the moment. I think you do need medical help and probably a referral to a psychiatrist. You can recover from this illness. You have already taken a step forward on that journey of recovery by joining this forum. There will be bumps, and you may make wrong turns, but in the fellowship of this forum you'll find help and understanding and you will be able to help others too with your own valuable experience.

Wishing you peace of mind, comfort and all the best



It is really difficult to admit to ourselves that we might have something wrong with us and need treatment, that shoving it all away just isn't helping anymore.

Sounds harsh but the kinds of symptoms you are describing typically won't just go away on their own, they are your body telling you you need to ease up- you may need time to rest, therapy and healing. I would really encourage you to take the first scary step and find a doctor you trust or another health professional, and tell them about what you are experiencing. They can prescribe you with proper medication, point you in the right direction towards a therapist for your PTSD and suggest other treatment methods.

I also have PTSD and like I said, it doesn't just go away on its own if you keep denying it. All those painful memories need to be processed. It gets worse before it gets better but it really is worth the journey.

If you are not comfortable with going to see a doctor just yet you can go on youtube and look up more about PTSD and maybe buy some books on the subject. Also listen to yourself and allow yourself to feel your feelings. There is a reason why you feel this way.

Heal My PTSD is another great community on Health Unlocked that you can join for support, and this one is great too. Keep posting, we are all here for you ! :)

Like most of us here it sounds like you're overthinking things which will in turn make you feel bad.

Try to turn your thoughts away from your own situation to what's happening around you, mindfullness.

Also keeping busy and doing lots of exercises ... Behavioural activation

Eat good food at regular times, have good daily routines ...getting up at the same time, morning exercises before breakfast, busy day, take up opportunities to socialise. Go to bed at the same time, sleep well.......

It may all seem impossible but if you can get going on a few of these things I am confident they will help

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