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Anxiety and love ?

Hey guys. I feel really shitty about something I've done today. I've been suffering with anxiety for about a year maybe two and well today I made my girlfriend extremely sad. My anxiety has been acting up lately and it's kinda forced all my love for everyone in my life away. Like I don't feel love for my parents, my sister and yes even my girlfriend. But I know in my brain I love them. Today I got so close to leaving my girlfriend because of these feelings. Or lack of feelings shall I say. I actually got close to leaving the best thing that has ever happened to me. It got to the point where we where both breaking down in tears. But then I thought I won't let my anxiety win and I'll try to stay in this relationship because I know I really do love her. It's just my anxiety has stopped my feelings of love and I really want them back. Does anyone have any advice for me ? Really don't want to loose her she makes my life so much better and understands my situation. I just feel so guilty about hurting her. I just want to feel love again you know. Will my feelings for my girlfriend and my family members come back?

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Yes your feelings will come back You are ill with anxiety It numbs you to feelings Don't let it ruin your life and lose someone so precious You have said you don't feel love for anyone at the moment Anxiety makes you feel so dreadful When I was really poorly it took over my whole world all my waking hours I was tuned into what my body was doing My heart beating my head spinning how I found it hard to take a breath You name it I worried about it Your girlfriend is still with you so she must love you anxiety and all Sit her down and ask for her help to get you better You say she understands well I bet then she would give the world for you to ask for her help

You need to learn to relax that is the key to getting well You need to lose your fear of the feelings that are controlling your life Search You Tube for relaxation videos lie down and listen to one together There are loads

Talk talk and more talk about what symptoms you have how they make you feel If your girlfriend loves you she will be there for you

You can't and won't feel love at the moment but you will

I have been married for 45 years so believe me love conquers all it will conquer this anxiety I'm well now and I love deeply all the people in my life that are my world

Wishing you all the very very best xx

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