Hello everyone. I scroll through the forum and all I see is everyone trying to help one another feel better and I just wanted to tell everyone that you're all so strong! We have one of the toughest struggles to put up with daily mostly because most people don't understand what it's like so we are judged. I just wanted to make sure everyone smiled today and remind you to appreciate the little things. :) also I've gained some great info on essential oils and their uses for anxiety and I'm not trying to sell you anything I'm buying them myself but if anyone's interested message me and I can share some tips with you that have helped me tremendously!


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  • Hi CDANILEEE98. I would like more information about the oils, if you don't mind sharing it ?

  • Thank you CDanielle98 that sounds lovely you are doing work with essential oils. I believe that natural remedies can be so helpful in our healing process. And yes you are right, it is difficult to have an invisible illness that really does affect our lives in a drastic way, and it is not really understood yet in the general public. I think that awareness is growing though and forums like this are tremendously positive to support each other, and also give each other the confidence to accept ourselves exactly the way we are! Love and light :)

  • Ooh yes please Id love to know about which oils you use Anxiety is the worst worst thing ever I'm so well now it's amazing and I shudder when I look back to how my days were and how I used to lie awake dreading the next day coming and suffering again

    I see simple pleasures every day now it's like the sun has come out in my head again

    I'm so sad to read the stories on this forum and I just hope the replies give some comfort

    All the very best x

  • What is your secret how did you get past it? I would love to get past this a little faster than I am now 🙄🙄

  • The secret is to lose your fear of these rotten horrible feelings Once you see them for what they are just a rush of adrenaline that makes you feel rubbish and want to run, but they go and afterwards you are fine They can't hurt you they won't kill you The more you concentrate on them the longer they will stay Its not easy as the feelings are so strong but you can and will do it Let time pass don't try and rush it Start tomorrow when you feel that familiar feeling creeping over you think let it come it won't hurt me You will notice you will stop fighting it don't fight it let it wash over you and go I hope I'm making sense If I can do it anyone can as I was once housebound terrified of panicking Good luck xxx

  • PS On You Tube there is a video called Doctor Explains Panic Attacks it's very very helpful I used to play it over and over before going out to get it instilled in my head 😀

  • Whoops How To Stop Panic Attacks it's called 😄

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