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I'm absolutley terrified of loud noises, and its effecting everyday life quite bad, Please read and give me some advice!

So, im 14 and im absolutley terrified of loud noises. I've been this way my whole life, when i was around 6-9 it was so bad. As a small child i used to get invited to birthday partys and all that. And i would refuse to go if there would be balloons there, the same for party poppers. If i ever saw a balloon at a party i would have, i guess you could say panic attack ( baring in mind i was only 7 or 8) i would just get very hot and my vision would go blurry and i would normally end up in tears. Now as im alot older, i have improved. That being the whole pannick attack thing. But. As im in high school, i do alot of subjects and things i didn't do in middle school. Sience is a subjet i love, and for my dream job (surgeon) science is critical to me. But alot of the time we do experiments that involve gasses and chemicals and they normally end up with a very loud bang. And i know m going to sound quite pathetic, but when i walk into that class, and read what i'll be doing today, and i find out its got something to do with loud noises. I go into blatant panic mode. I start to sweat and cant think straight for the rest of the lesson, and that last about an hour. And when its time for the actual explosian i get out of that room so fast. Its effecting my school work, my everyday life, still to this day im terrified of balloons.

I'm sorry this is so long, im new here (literally joined a few hours ago) and i just want ro know if theres anything i can do to some what sort this out, or even of this is some sort of disorder. Thank you so much if you actually read this and commented. I reallllyyyyyy appreciate it.

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Whether this is the truth or one of those urban myths I do not know, but it is said that children are born with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. You could probably pay a therapist an obscene amount of money to explain to you that your fear of loud noises is still with you and the conclusion would probably be what you already know in the first place!

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Hi with something like this I would imagine acknowledging it as a fear/phobia unless it causes pain? Thinking it might be a hearing problem.. but like some other phobias including the fear of panics, exposure therapy type work could help. You could do this with the help of a parent or trusted adult, keep confronting" loud noises until you get less fearful of them. Just my thoughts.


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