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Feeling like I'm not all here

I've been diagnosed with anxiety and ADHD. I'm not taking any medication.

So lately (for about a month) I've been feeling sort of light headed, tired, and feel like part of my mind is somewhere else. At first I thought it was just tiredness, but I took a nap and it was the same. I seem to be able to zone out easier than ever (which isn't all bad, since I feel calm when I zone out and I don't have any thoughts running through my head) but it's staring to worry me. I've also been confusing some of my real-life memories with my past dreams, but I'm able to figure them out in a few minutes.

This is hopefully just ADD, and I'm going back on meds soon

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Hi! Your symptoms of lightheadedness, fatigue and zoning out are exactly what's happening with me lately.. All of these symptoms are characteristic of anxiety disorders. I get so upset because by mid-afternoon, I have to take a nap, and this is after sleeping in that morning. I can't get through a day anymore without extra sleep. I also zone out frequently, but oddly enough like you said, it's somewhat comfortable so I don't mind. I'm at ease when I'm zoned out. Anxiety has also significantly affected my short term memory. Ask me what I did yesterday? No idea. I need a few minutes to really think about it. Ugh. Just wanted you to know you aren't alone. I am starting medication next week and hope to be cleared of some of these nasty symptoms. Hang in there,

Amy :)


Hi there my names martin,im new to the blog i also suffer from bad anxiety when out on my own,on no meds but even when out with friends i freeze with the noise.last november i went through a bad trauma and is so scary.


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