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Hey guys been very worried lately, u can see my last two posts im 17 male with health anxiety , im very worried about my health and always think I have some disease and im really looking for reassurance , im wondering does anyone else with there anxiety get chest pains and pain in left arm ? Now this time I think I have something wrong with my heart I think I have something new every week , doctor did loads of tests and says im physically healthy, I even went into a and e the other day because of pain in left arm they did bloods and ekg and said im perfectly healthy stop worrying but I'm very scared , I just have so many symptoms all the time I hope it's just anxiety , can I talk to some people dealing with the same issue please :/ u can see my other symptoms also in my last posts

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john i have pain in chest left and right hand since from 15 years i done many time check my heart but the doctor say my heart working dont think just delete from ur mind that.i guaranteed u there is no problem in ur heart


Thanks you make me feel better


john what is ur other symptoms


Hi John. I have health anxiety too. I really sympathise with you, it is a viscious circle. We are anxious, we get physical symptoms, we think something is medically wrong, more anxiety, more symptoms and it goes on in a loop. I recently completed three sessions of Hypnotherapy and it has really helped with breaking that loop. I would absolutely highly recommend it.

It hasn't disappeared completely but the difference is that I can now rationalise when I get these thoughts therefore helping to break the loop. I don't allow myself to google anymore or do any of the other obsessive habits that was enabling my anxiety. That may sound very obvious but these things only serve to stoke the fear.

There are some great books available for download on kindle or to order from Amazon about health anxiety that can reassure you.

If you have been given a clean bill of health by the doctor then please seriously consider something like hypnotherapy and/or CBT. I have done both now and it does help.

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