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Ok so I've been doing a lot of different things since I joined 10 days ago. And I just wanted to take a moment to post in hopes these few steps will also help you.

So I noticed when I start getting anxious, I take a half of a table spoon of cinnamon and no joke it takes me to calm land within 5 mins :) I've also done some research on Apple cider vinegar and the benefits are Incredible! It's one table spoon " I know it's nasty" but hey if it works then what the heck right? I've also been taking B12 and my normal fish oil but bumped it to 1000mils and every other day a half table spoon of pure coconut oil! I never thought these cheap remedies would actually work but WOW!! Also before bed I'm drinking black spice chi tea and listening to healing meditation music and no lie I went from sleeping only 2 hrs a night to now 5 hrs I know that's still bad, but the positive side is I'm sleeping more and I'm so thankful and feeling not only the Lord helping me but blessing me with these items to help get me through or US, I'm hoping you guys try these who knows this could help us all! ♡ I'm here if anyone needs a friend!


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  • Thanks for the share I'm all for natural remedies, I stopped most of them when I started feeling slightly better and now I'm going through a bad bout of anxiety at the moment, I use Bach rescue remedy drops and sona stress b tablets contains b complex with vit c & e, I will definitely try the cinnamon but I'm not sure if I can get apple cider vinegar here in Ireland, I drink camomile tea and lemon slices in it, I find that helps too

  • That's what I did 7 years ago as well and stopped because I started to feel better and then out of the blue boom it hit me again, so I told myself I'm going to keep with the all natural stuff even if I'm feeling better this time. I truly hope it works for you! And if you need someone to talk to I'm here k (hugs)

  • Thanks so much I was getting on fine, then a friend called to visit and not knowing I suffer from health anxiety she up and told me loads of stories of people close to where I'm from dying reasonably young etc and since then I'm back to worse than before, I put up a post And I felt better,but since I started on here, I love how everyone helps each other out, just wish I wasn't feeling so bad, I'm crying none stop and fearful of dying in a big way, trying to keep my kids obvious to it all and pretend I'm ok on the outside. I know I'll get over it again the setbacks are the hard part

  • Yea I know exactly what you mean! I have children also and I do the same thing smile, laugh and joke. My main goal is to make sure their happy and not worried about me, even tho my 14 year saw me cry and that worried him always asking me what's wrong and I felt bad that he had to see that or me always waking up in the middle of the night and he's room is right by mine so om sure he's heard me a few times :( this is really hard! I'm just praying that we can all feel normal again and continue to grow in a healthy way mentally and physically. (Hugs)

  • Wow is this for anxiety

  • Yes it is :) and trust when I say it does work

  • I been dealing with it in my own for three years now but never been to a dr for it and i have researched so much but didnt believe it worked

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