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Hey u was wondering every time I go to sleep don't matter if it's morning night after noon I'll try to sleep n my heart always goes so fast I start sweating get really hot feels like the feeling you get when your scared of something like my hearts falling into my stomach.. Dose anyone know what this is ?? It's scaring me :( it's happened ever since my 1st anxiety attack 😔😔

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Sorry I know it's not the greatest explanation but idk how to explain


I get the fast heartrate when I am falling asleep OR I am asleep and it wakes me up. I am so scared out of my mind. It feels like I am having a heart attack. Like this is my end. I usually step outside, even if it is 3am and pace around my yard and drink some cold water. It eventually calms down. I don't get it as much as before. I believe it has something to do with hormones. I read if you are a woman in your 30's you can have the start of perimenopausal symptoms. I hope your symptoms improves. Take care and God bless you.


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