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Hello Noobie Here!

Hello, fellows!

i'm new here and want to share with you and i hope we could help and support each other.

My problems is aside from having anxiety is finger joints stiffness! during sleep only!

most of the time in my left hand fingers and often my right hand. I got this during my first panic attack never happend to me before! i really freaked out then a couple days later i read a little information about it people called it crab hand or claw! the thing is that i have this daily it has been a month now since the whole thing started .. there is no real pain with it but it annoys me! i take mild antidepressents that helped me out with the other symptoms. But this finger stiffness it just won't go away at the begenning it was strong full crab fingers! but now 3 or 2 fingers and some times back to 5 fingers with no pain it just annoys me .. if any one know any thing about this please tell me what to do i'd be very much appreciate it.

Thank You

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C'mon no one!


It's amazing what panic and anxiety does to a person's body. I had a anxiety attack 7 years ago and it wasn't anything like my recent one.. day 16 and I'm so scared that something is wrong with me, even tho I've had almost every test done by 3 different doctors. I keep telling myself this to shall pass and that I'm fine, but it's easier said then done. I hope your ok and just remember panic and anxiety symptoms affect every part of your body. (Hugs)

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Come on hold your horses right there! i was having an attack!

at the time i wanted anyone to say something so bad! Plus i liked his\her post in case you haven't noticed .. i'm sick i saw this site i registered as fast as i could i wrote this post no one replied i panicked .. that's all .. don't judge people

you should've known better!


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