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Different kind of panic attack happened last night. Freaking out. Please help me😢

Im used to my panic attacks and what happens but last night was different. I felt like i was drunk when i didnt drink anything. My stomach hurt, i felt dizzy, my body was shaking, my heart was racing, and my chest hurt. I tried sleeping but every time i was close to falling asleep my body would feel like its falling and then id wake up and all those symptoms would be worse. I wanted to go to the ER but they always say im fine and its in my head. Am i the only one experiencing this?? Could this actually be serious or am i looking into it to much? Someone please help me!

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Hiya alleynicole28 yes that is definitely just a panic attack it's exactly what I get when I have one, it's a horrible feeling! I hope you're ok now.


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