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I just can't right now

Hey guys!!! I haven't written a post in months, I've been doing fine, only before, during and after my period I'm a mess. Today is 8 days before my period and I've been terrible since yesterday. Anxiety on autopilot!!! Just moved to LA and all I can do is obsess over earthquakes and tsunamis. I'm just so fearful of everything!!!!!!! Just always afraid that something terrible is gonna happen to me or my family and it literally makes me sick. I can't get the thoughts out of my head, they're non stop. From the second I wake up, all thru the day, until I fall asleep and even have weird dreams. Smh I don't know what to do. I just wish I can be my normal self again when I never thought about stuff like this or felt like this and was just happy and carefree smh

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Hey girl!!!!!! You have been Missing. Lol so have i. I havent written a post in 2 months till recently. FOR THE SAMEEEE REASON. haha look at my posts when you can. ITS RIDICULOUS my period be messing me Up. Iam 7 days away i get it on the 9th. And i get so Much symptoms that bother me. I cant sleep i was just diagnosed with high cholesterol and high bloodsugar so now iam all scared of Clogged arteries and Diabetes etc... Non stop. If i get a little pain in my chest BOOM clogged heart. Having a heart attack soon. Etc etc.... Its so bad and it just started right when iam a week from my Period. I was doing so well... Your not alone. I have the same thoughts and Dreams that ill die from something or something bad will happen to me. Its crazy how panic disorder takes over your life. I hope you get better love.

P.s your very beautiful take care God Bless

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Awwww thank you girl!! Heeeey you!!! Yes girl! It's driving me insane. Like these obsessive thoughts will not go away!!! And I got like this in Novenmber from my first panic attack (which was marijuana induced) but it's like my brain hasn't been the same since. I had one other panic attack in December but haven't had another since then. But have soooooo much fear about everything and just literally always my mind keeps making me have intense impending doom feelings all the time but especially before and during my period. I literally have like 5 days out the month that I can moderately control it and know that it's just in my head, other than that my mind convinces me otherwise. It's literally soooooo annoying 😫😫😫 and you're absolutely beautiful yourself girl 😘


a mind is a terrible thing.....to waist. Sometimes it helps me to identify that I am not the sum of my thoughts. The mind can be our ally, but it can also be our enemy. I am not my mind, it is just along for the ride.

hope this helps!


First off you are beautiful and a strong woman I've been there and still some days struggle keep thinking positive and things will subside hun, πŸ€— hugs


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