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I am not sure it I am experiencing anxiety now.. it would be great if someone could give me some advice

I wondered if I have anxiety now...

Emotionally, sometimes I feel really down and a little suffocated. I remembered I experienced twice this summer when I couldn't stay in the subway at all (there weren't many people in the subway) and felt the urge to get out of there right away because I felt there was no air.

Physically, I feel dizzy sometimes, and really really tired. I have low blood sugar level (not diabetic) and this summer it is really really hot. So I thought my symptoms from low blood sugar just got worse.

I've been living away from my family in the foreign country and I started to take a highly competitive graduate program about three months ago. In undergraduate, I got used to do full time classes and two part time jobs at the same time and my work load never had any impact on me. From three months ago, everything just got worse. I had more school work, my part time jobs got more work. And because I am managing properties for my family, it just put more burden on me. I slept at 1am and woke up at 5:30am.

I am dedicated to work out everyday. Because I lost a lot of weights after high school. I am skinny and I've been trying to keep that up. I have the fear of going back to what I looked like when I was in high school. I know you should embrace what you look like, but I am just so afraid after losing weights. But I did reduce my workout time and changed my routine to moderate or low impacts workout because I could tell my body couldn't stand so much workout sometimes.

I know the increasing work has really negative impacts on my emotions. I am not sure whether or not I am experience anxiety. I really want to consult with someone or at least get some advice. I don't like it when I am a sad person. I decided to take some time off. I just had one full day off and my tenant called me this morning, telling me that the AC broke. I feel like I am going a bit crazy now :(

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You did not give us enough symptoms to try and check if this is Anxiety, can you be more specific about the symptoms? Any other symptom than just being tired and dizzy?


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