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Dont know who I am ?

Im 29 year old and Ive never had confidence self esteem and a feeling of happiness in life I just donr know who I am ! I dont have my own personality I feel just stuck, lost. Im in a dead end relationship thats going no where. I have a dead end part time job in a care home. I dont know how to progress now in life Im behind and dont know how to start. I dont have many real friends I dont go out and socialise at all. How do you find yourself respect morals rules etc. Anyone?

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Hi SammieXo, I remember you. We both started the forum at about the same time last year. I've looked over your posts in the past year and see that you have been on medication. The meds will help with your anxiety but as for self esteem and feeling happy in life, that is up to us. With some, as we grow older our worth of ourselves matures. You feel stuck and lost because of everything being at a dead end. It's your choice as to where you want to go with this problem. Doors open everyday for new starts but we have to be ready to decide what doesn't work for us anymore. We should all respect ourselves, our morals and live by the rules. It's not a learned thing, if you dig deep it is a conscious decision. Like anything else you start slow in turning your life around. As more positive feelings come of that, the rest will come more easily. I really wish you well Sammie. You're young and it is not too late to make some changes. x

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i am same,,,dead end everything,,,,dont know who i am


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