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I ask my boyfriend to die with me

Hi , im going through a really really bad time at the moment and cant stop crying . I think im dying all the time. I told my boyfriend i didnt want to leave hin behind or die on my own and that they were the things that scared me knowing he would move on and that id be going through dying alone. He sat me down and swore on his families lifes that if anything happened to me or was told i was dying he would come with me because he wouldnt have a life without me. Hearing hin say this makes me feel so much better but that is very wrong of me isnt it that i need him to tell me he will die and be with me in order for me to feel better. I would die with him in a heartbeat.just knowing that he says he would come with me and be by my side makes me feel better. Am i a horrible person?

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Can you tell us a little bit how you have got to such a low stage where you think dying would be better than living and if you are getting any support ?

I do not think you are a horrible person , you are a person that is obviously suffering and is desperate for some support

I urge you to speak with your Doctor and remember the Samaritans are there 24/7 if you need to talk to someone and hear human voice :-)

Remember there is no guarantee that you would be together after death so I think what you need to do is live and have a happy life together on earth so please seek some professional help :-)

Take Care x


No you are not a horrible person at all You are very very distressed

I totally agree with Bounce please please seek help You are not alone and there are wonderful dedicated people who will listen to all your fears and get you on the road to recovery and happiness

Take lots of care X


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