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Help! Anxiety is getting worse!

Lately my anxiety keeps getting bad! I always have a tingly feeling in the left side of my chest and everytime I go out by myself, I always feel afraid, like my body feels like it's going to collapse at any rate. I didn't feel dizzy or woozy but it felt like I was going to be. I've also had more tremors and shaky feelings in my body, particularly in my back. Now I'm not even sure if this anxiety or a serious health condition! Ever since my anxiety got worse, I've always had feelings that I was gonna die of a heart attack and it's always been a false alarm. But I can't stop thinking of the worst! And now I'm afraid to do anything outside of staying in my house! My body can't stay focused! The thing is, this only happens in daytime. When it's night, I usually feel quite relaxed which makes me fear the worst even more! What am I going to do?

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