Panic attacks/anxiety/no sleep :(

11 days ago I felt fine. Went to work alil tired but nothing of the norm, got off work came home and around 7ish my heart started racing, my mouth got super dry I mean I had no spit at all it felt like I was going to pass out and I had 2 back to back :( it scared me so bad and now I can barley leave my house I have dry mouth even if I drink lots of water I still feel like I cant hydrate my body even tho my pee is light yellow, left head pressure and kinda a numb sensation under my eye, everything I eat (diarrhea) I'm sleeping 2 or 3 hrs a night and wake up so sweaty half the time, went to the ER and he did a chest and head x ray EKG and CBC blood panel and all came back normal, I feel like I'm being choked, chest pain and I'm always Googling my symptoms and of course I read all these things and I start getting cold and start crying. I'm on Google almost every few hrs looking at what could be wrong with me :( I'm so mentally exhausted because I know what I'm doing to myself. Here's a run down of all my symptoms. Left chest pain under my breast, head pressure, dry mouth, lil to no sleep, pacing my house, waking up with neck sweat, not being able to stand still half the time and when I lay down I don't feel comfy. I'm so tired of doing this to myself, I feel like I'm in a maze running around in circles, I guess trying to run away from myself :( I'm scared all the time. Not taking any meds don't see my doctor for another 3 weeks in the mean time here I am Googling and biting my nails and crying idk I feel like a loony or I'm going crazy! Oh and the doctor saw blockage in my left sinus cavity so assuming sinusitis/ allergies and the medication that he gave me I Googled ( of course) and read all the side affect and now I don't want to take them :(


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6 Replies

  • You sound like me when I wrote my first post. Pacing, not knowing where I wanted to go or what to do, no real sleep...

    Hi, by now I hope youre feeling a little better since you wrote this post. The sinus block is likely to be helping some of those symptoms along, the odd sensations around your eye and head, magnified by the anxiety.

    I have trouble with the anxiety you described, not so much with panic attacks anymore, but the long lasting jitters and expecting the worst etc not being able to sleep. I have been diagnosed with depression too so if I'm not on high anxiety alert, I'm crying. It's awful but it can get better. Think of treatment as needing to be tailor made, just for you. There are meds, types of therapy and lots of self help techniques to try.

    I'm not fully okay, but I'm a lot better than 3 weeks ago. And I even managed 5 hours sleep last night! Although today I'm not full of energy as my body is saying "let's get some more of that sleep, please!"

    Im not on meds for anxiety or depression but I've been practising my butt off using mindfulness apps and breathing and relaxation audios which are on my phone. I've also given myself homework- hard to explain briefly but its along the lines of CBT and catastrophising thoughts.

    hope you're okay x

  • Thank you so much for your reply it means alot! This is so hard to deal with! I'm trying my hardest to stay calm but it's hard when your mind always on go mode. Thank you again hugs! ♡

  • I know, but do try to see the Dr to talk. Some Dr's are worth their weight in gold, some not so much (like mine!) So thankful for forums like this.

    Stay in touch x

  • You and I have the same symptoms , I have had them all! But lately I've been trying to just calm down when I get really anxious . deep breathing really helps , and sleeping with no TV . try writing down everything you are feeling . it may help , and stop googling symptoms . I know its hard but please do BC it just makes everything worse . trust me you're fine 💜 I hope you start feeling better soon !

  • Thank you bdan! I'm trying my hardest to relax! But sometimes it's the hardest thing to do when your mind is always on that one thing :( but thank you again ♡ prayers for healing

  • I'm praying for you as well , and anytime💜

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