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Sorry for how long it is but need help on what to do next

Hey hope someone can help I posted a while ago about what I thought was anxiety I think a lot of it was anxiety cus of what's going on atm and a lot of the things have stopped like the head pressure and chest pains but I still constantly feel a little bit dizzy and I can notice it alot when I'm stood still or watching tv or talking too someone and now some days I will get this really weird feeling in my body I can't really describe it but it goes through my hole body then after I feel really anxious and can't sit still and my mouth and nose some times get a tingly feeling going through them it's just worrying me a bit Cus I feel like I controlled the anxiety but I can't control this at all hope someone out their has experienced the same and would please reply and try and described the feeling and see if I can relate also idk ifs it's to do with it but my memory seems to be worse than what it was thank you if someone replys would really apreciate it

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Hello - first of all, BIG hugs for what you're experiencing just now.

I can identify with elements of what you're saying, however, not because of anxiety - having said that, everyone is different and so everyone will have little differences in their experience of most conditions I think, so what you're describing could be anxiety related.

What rings out for me is your description of the dizziness, and the strange feeling in your mouth and nose. I have had vertigo from time to time, and my Dad's had Meniers disease which is an inner ear condition which can have you feeling sick and dizzy, with a ringing sound in your ears. Does any of this sound like what happens with you?

It could be that adrenaline in your system is at a high and could be leaving you feeling this way, in which case it could be anxiety.

Really hope this may have been helpful. Take care, thinking of you. Xx


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