I'm scared, i woke up feeling very sick and not wanting to do anything. My stomach is making noises it feels empty but i'm not hungry is this normal?

I always google my symptoms online because i'm that scared of this being a heart attack because i know the symptoms are very similar.😒😒😒 does anyone else do this?

Can i have an anxiety attack with out multiple symptoms? sometimes i feel worried but that's it no other symptoms appear.😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

I also don't eat very much i eat once a day and look kind of pale... does anxiety cause this?

I feel like i'm dying 😒

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  • Yes Anxiety does cause that, i've been suffering from a low anxiety attack i guess now im not sure what is its even but i barely eat, barely feel like going out, my stomach always empty making sounds but not so hungry, today i just ate rice all day long no breakfast no dinner..

    Looking up for the symptoms might cause ur anxiety to be stronger because you might think you have heart attack, reflux or even cancer just because some people say it online but the reality is you probably suffering from anxiety disorder.

  • Thanks, i'm glad i'm not the only one feeling this way.

    I try not to look them up but i always do 😒😒

  • I know how you feel but doesn't that make you feel worse? Because it could be just a normal human body reaction for example stomach sound, could be normal if u did not eat whole day but u would be scared thinking its more you search it up and u find horrible answers, reflux, ulcer, cancer maybe.. and u get ur anxiety higher..

    Best way to fight Anxiety is not to think about it, convince yourself you are okay and nothing is wrong with you. You would feel better if u know there is really nothing wrong with you if you have done tests.

  • Yes it normal anxiety gives you gas and the burps idk why but it does.. all kinds of weird things happen to our bodies and out mental status it truly sux ass.. i have full on anxiety panic disorder ugh i try to do everything and anything to help it slow dow or stop like..i tey warm lemon water,tiger balm musel rub,benadryl,eating non greasy foods,exercise, stretching, hot showers, hot apple sider drink,heating pad,staying out of the house more often,play games, and this is everthing i have used and done it works like a charm.. you have to try your best to control your anxiety because if you dont it will control you and it gets pretty ugly,scary.. keep your mind busy all the time do somthing anything keep your self active.. give your self pep talks your brain is trying to trick you sending you unreal signals that your sick or even gonna die and your not so just remember that ok tell your self you will befine tell your self your not gonna die it will pass it hasnt your panic attacks hasn't killed you yet and it never will ok so keep calm, do not panic when you feel anxiety creepin up on you try to ride through it.. YOU WILL BE JUST FINE I PROMISE I HAVE EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM AND AT FIRST I WOULD FREAK OUT NOW I RIDE THROUGH IT ITS STILL VERY SCARY BUT I WILL NOT LET IT CONTROL MY LIFE.... YOU CAN AND YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS

  • Thank you 😒 i just feel bad right now my heart beats are feeling weird and i was feeling a bit dizzy and nauseas...... and whenever i get up from laying down i just get this sudden dizziness and i see black spots is that related to my anxiety?

    And i'm not really convinced that my heart is okay or is it just my anxiety? I went to the ER just feeling chest pain and shortness of breath 3 weeks ago and they took an EKG for a few minutes and an X-ray but they both came out normal. Is that enough to say that ny heart isn't at risk?

  • Yes I've had the same and like 5 ekgs your heart is fine just anxiety

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