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Please help me, i am looking for some advice or guide!


I am new to this forum, and i would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this. It's a long story short..

Few months ago i fell asleep at the couch and woke up like an hour later with fast heartbeat, diziness, feels like i want to vomit ( i have a phobia of that ), feels like my throat and chest are tight cant breathe properly also like something is stuck on my throat.. i thought it was anxiety until recently like 2 months ago i did the endoscopy and figured that it was not acid reflux or ulcer..

Then things got back to normal even after my exams were done until recently when i hear and know that my girlfriend is kinda going through a rough time failing her exam and failing to enter university and her family problems and it got me mad a lot and the same day at night i woke up with burning sensation and not feeling okay at all until i talked to her about other stuff to get my mind off things but now everynight i feel like im not okay.. like i am belching but i just can't, and make it a big of a deal search it online it says reflux but i dont have that makes me scared like what could it be so im just worried about everything literally

- Not much appetite, i skip breakfast i barely eat dinner or lunch sometimes i even skip dinner

- I feel depressed

- I am not going out of home ive been home for like 5 days straight sleeping late waking up late, barely talking to anyone just sticking in my room playing games and watching series trying to distract my self, whenever my friends ask me out i always say no because i do not honestly feeel like it..

Is this anxiety? please anyone let me know.. It is not as strong as it was few months back but it is something now its like the beginning and i am scared..

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Hello & Welcome :-)

I am not a Doctor but sounds very much like anxiety symptoms to me

A bad experience that takes us by surprise can trigger anxiety and stomach problems are one of the most common symptoms a lot of anxiety sufferers get to including myself

I went through months of continuing burping , re-flux , I really believed it was something serious but after tests it came back fine so I accept it is anxiety and once you do it can be amazing how the symptoms ease or even go altogether

Eating how you are which is very little though will be adding to your problem , I know we can loose are appetite but we also have to help ourselves and you need to try and eat at least 3 times a day even if just small meals , there will be nothing lining your stomach which will produce more acid making it worse , so try and make the effort

I also know once we are down we want to lock ourselves away but again the worse thing we could ever do as this just feeds how we already are feeling also bad sleeping patterns to

I would set my alarm and make myself get up in a morning , get myself dressed and have something to eat and maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air , you may not feel like meeting up with friends yet but start taking little steps to get you out of this cycle , if we physically look after ourselves it does help ou mental health so it is important -)

Is there a family member , one friend maybe you could confide in how you are feeling that could support you ? or if with all your best attempts you cannot move forward speak with your Doctor and see if they can refer you for some therapy

Keep talking with others that understand it does help even if just a little bit :-)

Take Care x

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I agree with bounce but also you would be harming other people if you snuffed out your spark you would be hurting everyone who loved you especially your girlfriend because I know she loves you remember that


I know that actually happened once she knew im not okay she wasn't feeling okay either because she couldn't help, you know how anxiety could be hard to treat especially if others are trying to help but they can not or feel they can't help a lot..


Thank you so much for your reply, i highly and truly appreciate it!

I am getting better i guess trying not to think about anything, yesterday i almost got scared before sleeping triggering a panic attack but i managed to think about random stuff like maths equations some stuff really hard and i eventually waited to sleep while thinking and that's what happened.

Thank you again for your response :)

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