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Thank You Everyone

Hello I'm David:)))

I was recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression

These two things had made my last past weeks the worst;((( but I mean the worst

I know now that there is so many people out there that feel just like me :)) which makes me happy

I'm starting to take therapy and yea I still feel fatigue each time I wake up in the morning but it'll get better. I know it :)

Right now it just feels like I'm going crazy or I'm about to go crazy but I know that won't happen cause I have faith. I'm going to continue with life and reach my goal !!! :)))

Thank you everyone that understood me and reply to the last recent post . It means so much to me but I would like to know if anyone has ever left like they are going crazy ? It will keep me clam cause I'm kinda scared :) but yea thank you for all the support everyone:)

With love David

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Yes thats actually one of the symptoms of anxiety,it makes you think your going crazy.i feel like im going crazy all the time but i know its anxiety.theres a list of anxiety symptoms i found not too long ago that made me feel alot better.i will repost later with that list.maybe it will help calm you down and know that you are alright.


Yes because it is like you feel so many symptoms wondering what they are but never knowing what they are actually wondering what is wrong with u going crazy on what is wrong with u but not knowing what or what is causing it so yeah it is normal to feel that with anxiety..


Hi David. Absolutely not going crazy. I have come to realize that after going through a really tough time about 1 year ago. My anxiety became out of control and I felt like I was losing my mind. Started a regimen of multivitamin, b complex vitamins as well every single day I began to pay attention to me and found ways to dismiss my anxiety by getting in touch with it all. You are in control Anxiety is just a monster in your way. Dismiss it and move forward. Say it to yourself many times a day. " I am in control of my body and all my senses" Anxiety will not ruin my day". Drink tea (Cammomile tea) and just simply pay attention to what's going on and put up a fight! Good luck and remember you are not alone ! 🙂


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