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B****y anxiety

Having a bad day today, went to town with d kids just felt awful, lighted head , heat rushes, snappy & impatient.

I thought I was doing well, I'm sitting here at home and my body is stiff as a poker. I feel so tierd too!! I'm fit for nothing too.

I've only eaten a small low calorie bar today and I had to force myself to eat it. I've sick in my tummy & I've dirroea (sorry).

Going on hols to Portugal with the kids in 3 weeks and I'm dreading it. I'll be on my in a foreign country (Portugal). The kids are so excited so we can't not go. How am I going cope :(.

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Hello emeraldisle

I think the problem is we seem to have more posters than people replying on here at the moment and how we solve that I do not know !

Kids on holidays from School always a stressful time , but taking them out and only eating one low calorie bar there is no wonder you felt so ill , I hope you have had a good meal now :-)



Hi emeraldisle, this may be a two fold situation today. One being that you are not feeling well today, you have barely eaten or the upcoming trip is already playing it's "what if" on you. Either way, you need to address today first.


Thanks for replys guys, I know my post got abit lost. We went for something to eat but I actually couldn't eat I just felt rubbish. I had a low calorie bar in my handbag so I forced myself to eat that.

I don't find the kids been off stressful that's the thing. Their very good kids and 95% if the time their a joy to be around. There was no reason for me feeling that way yesterday that's the frustrating thing. I don't know what triggers it.

After I posted yesterday I forced myself to eat a bowl of fruit & yogurt. Then last evening when I felt better I ate dinner. I drank plenty of water.


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