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Fear over my breathing

I have times where it feels like my anxiety has diminished and then other times where it feels so awful. I mainly focus on physiological things such as breathing and heart rate. My biggest stressor now is when I begin focusing on breathing. This can happen from the moment I wakeup, after I have been up for a bit, in the middle of the day or at night. Unfortunately, I think I have trained my mind to worry about nothing. My therapist said I should stop googling things and I entirely agree. Does anyone else have any suggestions for this concern?

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I do the exact same thing and it's so frustrating I focus on supposed physical things that I tell my self are happening to me like I can't catch my breath and I start to panic and it makes me feel nausiouse and for the remainder of the day it's always on the back of my mind I just keep telling my self that its all in my head and ride it out usually reading about people who are feeling the same thing helps me convince my self it's all in my head and I feel slightly better if that makes any sense


perfect sense and the reason it makes perfect sense is because its the truth. this is how i started to get well. dont let it ruin a what could be a lovely day. there seems to be something inside me that wants to frighten me and make me unhappy. i dont know what it is or what to call it but i just tell it to get lost. and im in control and that im breathing perfectly fine. love grace xoxoxo


first of all as your therapist says stop googling things.i have to take my own advice as i just start to worry. so im trying so very hard not to google illness like i have myself.its good that at times that you think that your anxietys have diminished as that must mean that your less anxious. i call some anxiety free floating. its like im an anxious person and my anxiety will grag on to anything that comes along that will make me anxious. the last thing i ever focused on was my heart rate as i was so sure it was going to stop beating. however i can do that now. i do believe that i have trained my own mind after all no one controls my mind but me. i used to let it run wild now i know im in charge and i take over and tell myself what is what. i dont let my imagination tell me. although it can try and i have to step in and take back my power. i actually love focusing on my breathing now as i am also able to release body tension when i breathe out and its such a lovely feeling. i can really relax my body. keep working on it as your already making such good progress. love always love grace xoxoxo

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