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Advice needed

Hi I'm new to this forum,

I've suffered from anxiety for 16 years and over time I've learned to control it.... Except over the last 2-3 months things are pretty bad at home my teenager is extremely violent and I can't seem to get any help or support from the proper authorities or my gp. I've lost my job because of this and then in an unrelated incident at the weekend I seen someone almost have their bottom lip ripped off during an unprovoked attack my anxiety is uncontrollable constant panic attacks and not sleeping. I feel like I bounce from one bad situation to another I don't know how much more I can cope with. Has anyone got any advice or tips?

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Hello and Welcome

I am sorry that things are quiet bad for you at the moment and the lack of support you seem to be getting is a disgrace from what you have said

This may seem drastic but have you thought of phoning Social Services if you are in the UK and telling them you are at breaking point and need support !

They should sit up and listen hopefully !

The other suggestion is contacting another organization called " Mind " if you put that in Google and once on the site there are contact numbers they maybe able to give you contacts in your area that you could get support with your anxiety and maybe your teenager to

Have you spoken to any other Doctors in your surgery that could have a better understanding of what you are going through as well as your child's School , is there any issues with your child at School that they could maybe back you up that support is needed ?

I hope you will find the Community some where you can come and talk without been judged and understood :-)



I called social services everyday for two weeks they allocated a worker who at the time was on holiday they were back for a few weeks she offered some support then withdrew it and put the case on hold as she was going back off on annual leave for 3 weeks apparently?? I have spoken to young minds and they contacted social services on my behalf but it's my child and my responsibility until the allocated worker returns they even withdrew the offered appointments from the child mental health team



This sounds a disgrace and yes it is your child but you are been responsible because you are asking for support !

I have had different situations before not the same but where I have not been getting the answers I should and I have contacted my local MP , have you thought about contacting yours ? you can find who it is and their number just by putting in Google My Local MP and the area you live in

I know we should not have to but sometimes we have to keep pushing and pushing till we get the support we need but it does come , I hope this happens for you soon , meanwhile take each day as it comes and keep talking as just getting things of your chest knowing someone is listening can help even if in a small way :-)



Thanks, I've just seemed to bounce from one bad situation to the next over the last few years and then at the weekend I seen someone have their lip almost ripped off in an unprovoked assault and that was the final straw I can't control the panic attacks now


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