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I'm scared again

Hello ... I may be bothering people already but I honestly need help.

You see its about time I go to bed but I'm afraid that it's gonna be another scary night for me ....not being able to sleep cause I'm afraid that if I close my eyes I'll never wake up. Usually I feel so scared i begin to feel depressed and I don't ever want to continue life feeling this way ...I begin to feel unreal and scared and kinda sad .

So please some one message me or reply cause I don't want to stay up late and cry

Right now I'm feeling kinda scared and that it's time for me to let go but I don't wanna I wanna wake up next morning feeling like my happy self again and getting ready to take therapy to

Just any advice to get me through the night:)

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Take a Tylenol PM or benadryl and drink some warm tea with no sugar it will help you sleep i promise

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Thank you so much for your suggestion :) I'll sure try it


Hi Jax, Your mind can't focus on two things at once. You need to distract yourself. Read a book, do a puzzle. Whatever you like, that you can lose yourself in therapist used to teach me to imagine myself some place relaxing. The sights and smells. I'm not explaining it well. It works. Its amazing but, what you think about, is like it's really happening. And your body reacts. 😊 Rubyxx 😊


Hey I know the feeling I can go all day feeling fine and as soon as it gets to night the fear creeps in! It is so silly really it's absolutely no different but there's something about bed time that gives me the heebie jeebies too! Just try to think of it as just another part of the day. I got some good advice from a friend, he said if you're finding it hard to go to bed and sleep then don't, just find something to do, your body will get tired when it wants to (I know myself from having anxiety that I am NEVER naturally tired) but it does work, just try to stop building the night up, its no different. And you won't die in your sleep I promise!

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