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Feel like I'm letting people down

So the other day I had an asthma attack and work had to call an ambulance etc. Saw the gp but they wouldn't sign me off so decided to sign off myself for the week and spend it in cornwall with my parents. My oh drove the whole way and we havnt done much since.

Trouble being is I'm very anxious so I feel like I'm letting down all my work colleagues because of this. There is one who is the reception manager that likes to talk behind your back who I'm esp worried about when I go back to work. Feel like I should of just gone back to work last Monday :(

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shulou, don't let what other people think or say make you feel like you are letting them down. It's your anxiety putting this guilt trip on you. They had to see the flashing lights when you were taken away by ambulance. There will always be the one person who likes to talk behind their co worker's backs. On the other hand, I am sure there are many people who care about your well being and that's who you should concentrate on. Try to take care while at your parents and get back on your feet. Feel well soon. x

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Where ever you work you will always get someone like that!! You can't get away from it. Asthma is a very serious condition when you have an attack. If anything is going to be said you can't stop that as your not there!! So try not to worry and enjoy your time away. You can't change it and it will soon be forgotten when you get back. There will be someone else for her to bitch about. Take care😀


Hello Shulou don't feel you are letting anyone down your attack must have been bad to call an ambulance There's always people like that lady on reception wherever you work My husband 3 sons and me are all asthmatic and good for you to take a week away Concentrate on the nice people at work they know you are not sciving off Look after yourself and get really well 😍

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