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Sick of feeling like this!

Morning all I've been suffering from depression, anxiety and stress for a bit know I'm on blood pressure tablets and citropram 30mg I have bad days and not so bad days I've told my wife and family what happened to me 40 years ago man its been so hard to keep it in so I told them I just thought it was the right time god it's all come flooding back to Me know and it's making me feel worse I've got an appointment with the counciling but there's a waiting list for 10 weeks I go away in a week and it's worrying me thinking I'm going to be I'll whilst I'm away I'm just up side down with everything bills the lot I'm self employed so I can't get any help this is a worrying time for me god help me 😭

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One day at a time Markrobo, have yr holiday and don't think about anything and when you get ba k, get help...for your anxiety you say you have to wait (typical) but you can try and sort yr bills etc. I had problems when my first husband left me with three children...I panic led first then went to the bank CAB and phoned the companies I owed bills. It's so much easier if you do that, people are willing g to help you. Don't sit on them and do nothing!!

Enjoy yr break I hope the weather is kind to you. J x


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