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Worry worry

Hello my first post this section. I am going on holiday soon for approx 14 days, abroad. As it gets nearer I am mostly worrying about my cat, who will look after it, I was hoping to get one solid person to do it, instead I'm having to involve lots and it is hard to organise. Then there's the packing. And me and my partners birthdays when out there. I was OK but getting very anxious. Ty

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Hello :-)

Well good for you posting can always be a little daunting when it is your first post but hopefully now you have done one you will feel able to do more if and when you need them :-)

So seems like you are getting into a flap , everything is going a hundred miles an hour around in your head till it is creating panic

You need to take a step back and look at each thing one at a time :-)

So I know for me anxiety likes everything to be organized otherwise I feel I am not in control but sometimes how I want things to be is not always possible so I have to look at things again and see if I can turn what seems fear into a positive :-)

Now your cat , you would have liked one person to be looking after your him/she but now you have several

Positive is the more keeping an eye out and looking after him/she is that not better than just one , because that one person that you may have thought could have been solid , could take ill or anything and then who would your cat have had to care where a few people looking out makes the odds higher that they will be cared for :-)


Make a list of the things you want to take and will need

Do it in a relaxed mind , you still have days to go yet

Once you have your list if you think of something else you can add it as you go , then when it comes to packing it is easy just look at your list and cross things of as you put them in :-)

Now how wonderful that you will be away with your parents when it is their Birthdays :-)

I am a parent and that would be the best Birthday present ever been away with my grown up children so don't you think that your parents will be just as happy to just be on holiday with you , I think they will :-)

Pack a Birthday Card for them ( put that on your list :-D ) a little gift maybe and just see what happens once you are on Holiday , the best Birthdays can be just spending it with your loved ones knowing they care -)

Anxiety loves feeding our fears , keeps us where it want's us and sounds like this is what has started happening with you , but take back that control ( not easy all the time but you can ) and really looking forward to you telling us in a few weeks what a lovely Holiday you had :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you so so much for your time. Yes it has helped me to set out the tasks like that and you re so right about the cat help. BTW I am not going away with my parents lol it's my partner!!! hehe. But ty.


O sorry , I misread what you had said :-D

Well in that case what more does he want for his BD he has you :-D

Maybe talk to him about how you are feeling and he can support you which I am sure he will :-) x

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