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I have head pressure, pins and needles face and head...pressure bridge of nose - feeling of blocked ears - light headedness, depression because of all this, distorted vision...all due to Stress - also if any of you had been on any antidepressants and have gone off them - like I am off mine now for three years - and still have these side effects....if not believed then if you are having these problems go to Surviving Antidepressants group and you will be amazed how many people suffer from all the above symptoms....if you have not been on antidepressants these symptoms can still be there from severe anxiety or panic attacks.


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What visual symptoms do u have?


Certain antibiotics will do it too. In my case it was a course of Cipro for a UTI. The reaction was delayed so I didn't put it together, but it even causes anxiety and depression as well as all kinds of physical distress. So always check for that too, don't take Fluoroquinolones.


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