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Weird muscle feeling like I need to stretch or something?

Sometimes I get this weird tense feeling in my whole body (especially my limbs and neck and face). It's kind of a tingling soreness? I can't explain it very well. It makes me feel stiff and everything is hard to move. I can get this with or without my anxiety. Does anyone else get this? It's really really uncomfortable and it makes it very hard to focus on anything.

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When we have anxiety we tense all the muscles , we don't even know we are doing it and when we are anxious because this is what we do it can make them painful , but then when we are not anxious and relaxing they can still hurt just as much because they have been tense for so long

Hold your arm out in front of you for as long as you can bear the pain and then when you have to put it down because it is so painful note that it will still ache even though you will then be relaxing it , I think that is the best way I can try and describe what happens :-)

You could mention it to your Doctor though as things like Fibro can cause it but chances are it will be anxiety

Take Care x

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yes, my muscles burn too.

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Love, have you taken any antibiotics in the last year? Some of them can cause this and it can be delayed, starting months after you stopped the antibiotic, so that you don't connect the dots. Have you taken any?


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