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Full ears

I have a full ear, pain, ringing. Its like it wants to pop but it only goes so far then doesn't pop. I have the cold right now so its worse. Been to Drs they say I don't have an infection and just give me decongestants. Its been 9 months now. Its the dizziness and wooziness it brings to. I feel really faraway sometimes. Been referred back to ent. My neck is tense too. Had MRI done on neck upper back and head and everything was fine. Any advice? Thanks x

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I am wondering if it has left you with Vertigo as your symptoms sound similar

I once had a really bad cold and after I started with Vertigo , it went on for a good year and then cleared but if I get a bad cold it does come back

I would go back to the Doctors , explain that nothing is working and even though they cannot find anything wrong you are still getting these symptoms which are difficult to live with , of course the more we worry and get anxious the worse and longer the symptoms last but easier said than done trying to relax when we feel something so unpleasant

I hope you manage to get it sorted :-)

Take Care x

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Do u have allergies?


not that I know of but I'm taking tablets for hay fever etc anyway x


I had some crazy symptoms after i had my second child and didnt know what it was.i know i had reoccuring sinus infections and fluid behind my right ear for months that made me feel the way you explained and finally got referred to an allergist and turns out i am allergic to all kinds of stuff especially dust mites.see if your doctor will refer u to an allergist.

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