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Neuro appointment results

So I've been battling with chronic headaches for over 6 months now and have finally seen a neurologist which I have been counting down the days to see and I must say I was $300 out of pocket and disappointed

$300 for her to say "You suffer from tension and migraine headache disorder caused by stress and muscle tension in the head and neck"


Basically she looked at my scans and said it was all clear and to try relaxtion techniques and reduce my muscle tension and avoid stress also drink more watera and reduce caffiene

She also upped my amitriptyline dosage from 10mg to 25mg

It was a relief knowing nothing bad was happening but walking out of her office and driving home $300 lighter really did suck especially when I was already practically doing everything she suggested but hey at least I have a proper diagnosis and less money :) :)

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I think you have it spot on

OK you are down in money but you now know it is nothing sinister which must be worth the money you paid , peace of mind I think would be worth every penny I had :-)

I hope now knowing you have nothing sinister you will be able to put everything in practice and these headaches will start becoming a thing of the past :-)

Take Care x


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