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So my gp has given me citalopram 10mg which I start tomorrow and my cbt starts next week bit I've had to cone home today as I feel so poorly I'm tired I feel sick and I keep having palpitations and loose my breathing I'm currently laid in bed trying to relax but nothing is working and I'm getting upset which is making me worse I know the mess and cbt will eventually help but what can I do in the mean time I've never had to leave work because of it before I can't cope!

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Hi hayjenk, you are right in that eventually the meds as well as cbt will help you. The citalopram will take several weeks before reaching the therapeutic dose. While waiting for your CBT you could start practicing meditation/deep breathing by going to YouTube and typing in Audio meditation/deep breathing. It is very beneficial in helping calm your mind and body. 10 minutes twice a day until you see your therapist next week. Unfortunately everything takes time to get to our goal. I wish you luck.....

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I agree 100% with Agora It took 4 years for me to get right again. Distraction techniques are the best. Kevin


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